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2,000,000 American students travel abroad every year. 400,000 choose to study abroad - and that number is increasing drastically every year as students look for rewarding experiences that will differentiate themselves to prospective employers.

These days, however, the world can be a challenging place to navigate. Political instability, crime, natural disasters, and terrorism are all very real threats to students who travel overseas.

That's where TravStrat comes in!

Our signature product is taught by highly-accomplished veteran millennials who have "been there, done that" when it comes to travel abroad! The Study Abroad Seminar is current, engaging, and tells a compelling story - by the end of the program your student will understand how to manage travel risk, how to develop a TravelSafe plan, and how look out for themselves and fellow travelers when faced with a myriad of threats.

Study Abroad Seminar Facts:

  1. 10-12 modules, case study based (3 hours)
  2. 1 hour Q&A
  3. Taught by male-female team (highly accomplished military veterans, interagency experience, degrees from top undergraduate and graduate institutions)
  4. 10 students minimum, 250 maximum
  5. We come to you!

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